Fast Facts

Year Established: 2012
Margin: 13%
Locations: 70
Countries: 12
Continents: 3 (Europe, N. America, Africa)
Offices: 3 (UK, DK, RO)
Employees: 1,100+
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It is often said that business and friendship don’t mix. Well… we think they do. Our story proved us right. Salad box is a business based on a real friendship. It began in 2011, when our founder Dan Isai decided to lead the change in the Romanian food business and provide a healthy fast food product.
Three good friends joined Dan in his journey: Radu Lupas, Daniel Lar, and Vlad Lupas. In April 2012, they opened together the first Salad Box restaurant, located in Cluj-Napoca (the second largest city in Romania). Our wholesome and tasty salads convinced the customers that food is life and we make it good. Our salads soon became so popular that in only one year we opened other 12 restaurants. And this was only the beginning…

“Having provided consulting and management services to companies wishing to expand their business across borders for more than 10 years, I can surely say that when presented with a business opportunity, I can immediately evaluate its potential. That’s why when one of my employees showed me Salad Box and it’s phenomenal growth – I knew I have to fly to Romania and talk with these guys. From that first talk, we began a strategic partnership growing Salad Box in the UK and Scandinavia.”

Kent MosbechDirector, Green UK Scandi Ltd

"After visiting Cluj and meeting the Salad Box team, and tasting the food, I was confident this business model and product would thrive in Ireland. Becoming Master Franchiser for Ireland is a great responsibility, but the Salad Box team have been great and reliable partners helping us overcome the challenges. The future for the Salad Box brand in Ireland looks very strong with consistent openings expected with both current and new franchisee partners."

Mike Kelly DirectorHedgehunter Ltd